Jerry's Nugget Gaff Deck

Deck of cards by Conjuring Arts Research Center
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You will not believe how many unique, mind-boggling card magic effects can be achieved with the multi-purpose Jerry’s Nugget Gaff Deck. Each deck includes 56 specially-crafted gimmick cards printed by the United States Playing Card Company on thin-crushed, premium stock designed to work seamlessly with the Modern Feel Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards.

The Jerry’s Nugget Gaff Deck is available in either red or blue. But, act fast! These won’t be around for long.

A look back at the storied history of Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards...

Roughly 50 years ago, the management team at Jerry’s Nugget Casino in Las Vegas decided, for reasons that are still unknown, to withhold their new signature deck of cards from use during live table games. Saddled with pallets upon pallets of these decks, they put them in storage until a decision about their future could be made. That decision would not come until over a decade later, when these Jerry’s Nuggets Playing Cards were put on sale as a souvenir in the casino’s gift shop for only $2 per deck.

It was during this time that Lee Asher happened upon these soon-to-be iconic playing cards. Enthralled by how unique they looked and incredible they felt, he quickly spread the news about Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards. Their popularity grew more rapidly than anyone could have ever anticipated.

Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards completely sold out just prior to the new millennium—yet, demand did not halt. In fact, the intrigue only grew stronger. These playing cards became the most highly-desired deck of cards ever produced by USPCC. Bricks were selling on the secondary market for $100s, and sometimes, $1000s. Additionally, scam artists were regularly taking advantage of naive collectors with their authentic-looking fake reproductions. This drove Lee to partner with Expert Playing Card Company to recreate the iconic Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards.

After 3 stressful, sleep-deprived years spent acquiring the necessary licensing, Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards are back and better than ever! From the Modern Feel version built with premium stock for regular use to the exclusive, collectable Vintage Feel version, there is a deck of Jerry’s Nugget’s for every cardist, magician and deck collector.

Card magicians will also be thrilled to hear that there is an amazing Jerry’s Nugget Stripper Deck being offered in addition to this practical Jerry’s Nugget Gaff Deck.


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  • 1.

    Steven asks: Do I understand correctly, that there are no gaff cards available to match the Vintage decks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Playing Cards responds: Correct. The gaff decks are for the modern feel only.
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    Jeff asks: Is the gaffed deck a red or blue back?

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