Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards (Modern Feel | Red/Blue)

Deck of cards by Conjuring Arts Research Center
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After years of waiting, and an insanely successful Kickstarter campaign, Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards are finally available again—now with the functionality you need to make them your everyday carry!

From afar, you probably can’t tell the new Modern Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards apart from the legendary originals. The back and face design, thickness and red or blue colors are all the same. However, once you get them in your hands, you’ll quickly realize that these playing cards unlock a whole new world of potential.

Yes, Modern Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards are still a collectable, but they’re also designed to be your regular use deck of cards. Manufactured by the USPCC on thin-crushed, premium stock, they provide superior performance for cardists and magicians. This includes faro shuffling like a dream right out of the box thanks to a traditional cut.

Superior handling at such a low price makes the Modern Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards truly a must-have deck of cards. However, this also means that these 1st Edition decks are going to sell quickly. So, don’t delay. Put a few red or blue decks in your cart, or just grab a bunch of both, and get your Modern Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards before they’re gone.

Everything you need to know about Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards...

The legend of Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards began about a half-century ago when the renowned Jerry’s Nugget Casino produced massive quantities of a new signature deck for live table games. For reasons that are still unknown to this day, the casino never ended up using the decks and they were instead left in a storage unit with their creators unaware that they would eventually become the most significant and desired collectable playing cards ever manufactured by the USPCC.

These playing cards were mostly forgotten about until the 1980’s when they were rediscovered and put up for sale as a $2 per deck souvenir in the Jerry’s Nugget Casino gift shop. This is how Lee Asher came across them and uncovered their unbelievable potential. After he spread the news about these unique playing cards, their popularity skyrocketed to levels we had never seen. At times, a brick of these premium playing cards was being listed for more than a used car on the secondary market.

Roughly a decade later, the entire stock of Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards was finally gone. This made collectors want them even more. Jerry’s Nuggets had solidified its place as the most iconic and desired deck in history. It wasn’t long before prices became simply outrageous and fake reprints were littered across eBay. Fed up by this, Lee eventually partnered with Expert Playing Card Company to legally reproduce these storied playing cards.

After dedicating more than 3 years to amassing the proper licensing and permission, we are thrilled to let you know that Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards are once again available for purchase. This time in both this amazing Modern Feel, as well as an incredible collectable Vintage Feel.


Community questions about Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards (Modern Feel | Red/Blue)

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  • 1.

    BGG Reviewer asks: Is there anything in the coating or embossing that makes these feel and handle differently than other USPCC produced decks?

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope! I think it similar to any other Air Cushion USPCC deck.
    • 2. Kim answers: the vintage feel probably feel quite different in some ways
    • 3. Kim answers: it does say thin-crushed, premium stock by the US Playing Card Company, they offer exceptional performance for cardists and magicians, while a traditional cut also ensures faro shuffles can be conducted with ease
    • 4. Derek answers: USPCC Decks printed over a certain number (23,000+ perhaps?) are printed on their web press. This has a distinct feel which is often quite nice and this deck handles similarly to some of the recent ORBIT decks who were able to be printed on the web press.
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  • 2.

    Ash asks: Hi I brought these over a month ago, when are they being shipped as not had an update and your site says November and it’s now December! Thank you Ash

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Playing Cards responds: The supplier has changed the shipping date to 12/30/2019.
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  • 3.

    Neal asks: Regarding the Jerry’s Nugget decks, which feel most like the original, the Vintage or the Modern? I’m leaning towards the Vintage.

    • 1. Kim answers: Vintage is designed to feel like the originals, i myself have not held an original deck, but the vintage is thicker and has a different finish, they feel nice, they spread well. The Modern Feels are more like Bicycle cards, but i think there is a bit of difference, I really like them!
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  • 4.

    Samantha asks: Hi i have seen these on other websites going for £9.70 could you price match?

    • 1. Samantha answers: Sorry here’s a link
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All I can say is wow. I have a small collection of playing cards , among them almost all the theory 11 sets. Some from Chris Ramsey and multiple Noc’s , Verts ect.. these out of the box feels the best . I ordered these with the Purple Monarchs , NoC Out whites and Bicycle Elite... those all need to be broken in except the Jerry’s (and the Elites) they come with a blank face card and three jokers two being dups. I’m going to look into buying a brick if possible :)

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