Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards (Vintage Feel)

Deck of cards by Conjuring Arts Research Center
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Card stock: Regular
Printed by: Expert Playing Card Company
Box seal: Yes
Custom faces: No

Printed by
Expert Playing Card Company

card stock

Standard faces

This deck has been discontinued.
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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Jerry's Nugget Casino, three amazing new colors of the massively popular Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards have been released.

On top of the regular Blue and Red editions, you can now grab Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards in gorgeous Yellow, Black and Steel colors.

Grab one of each for a complete collection! There is also an exclusive limited edition gilded version available as well!

Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards Details:

A moment a decade in the making. The biggest release in playing card history has arrived!

We are proud to announce that Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards are once again available for purchase. This time, you can choose from multiple incredible versions including these amazingly collectable Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards which have been manufactured by the Expert Playing Card Company on their unbelievable JN finish, a sturdier card stock that provides a look and feel that is nearly indistinguishable from the original Jerry’s Nuggets.

Any fan or deck collector simply cannot miss their opportunity to add Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards to their collection. You will also be thrilled to hear that you can do so without having to take out a loan for a brick of these premium playing cards. This time around, Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards are available at a price affordable for any interested deck collector, cardist or magician.

But, act fast! These 1st edition collectable playing cards WILL SELL OUT!

The Historic Tale of Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards:

Nearly a half-century has passed since Jerry’s Nugget Casino in Las Vegas designed and produced massive quantities of their own unique, contemporary deck of cards. Originally intended for use by the casino’s live table dealers, these playing cards never saw the light of day. For reasons that are still unknown to this day, they were instead stowed away in a storage unit.

Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards were mostly forgotten about until rather surreptitiously re-emerging as a $2 souvenir deck in the casino’s gift shop about a decade later. These soon-to-be-legendary playing cards did not garner munch fanfare until they were one day discovered by Lee Asher. Enthralled by their unique aesthetic and distinct feel, Lee informed everyone he knew about these special playing cards. Before long, they were the most popular playing cards on the market. Bricks of them were selling for as much as a used car in some places.

By late 1999, the original stock of Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards had completely sold out—making collectors yearn for them more than ever before. Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards had become the most highly-desired and collectable deck of cards ever manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company.

Prices on the secondary market reached unfathomable heights and scam artists quickly began taking advantage of overeager collectors with their remarkably authentic-looking fake reproductions. Upset about the legacy of his favorite playing cards being tarnished, Lee teamed up with Expert Playing Card Company to obtain the rights for Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards.

After 3 long years of stressful licensing agreements and an unbelievably successful Kickstarter campaign, Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards are finally available again. Now, you can also get them either in this collectable Vintage Feel or the amazing Modern Feel version which has been printed on a premium stock to provide optimum functionality for both cardists and magicians.


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  • 1.

    Kim asks: whats the difference between this old feel and the modern feel please?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Playing Cards responds: The Modern Feel is the standard card finish you find with USPCC decks, whereas the Vintage Feel is a stiffer stock, without the air cushioning that you might expect with decks you normally use.
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  • 2.

    giovanni asks: What are the difference between “vintage feel” vs the originals? I can’t seem to find any opinions from anyone who has played with both.

    • 1. Tony answers: My friend use both decks (original Jerry and Reprint Vintage), he said they are very similar (95%) :D
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